February 8, 2016

Crowell threatens to block all bills (AUDIO)

A plan to finance new veterans homes and other services is being blocked in the state senate by a senator who is feuding with the Speaker of the House about two-million dollars.

Approval of the bill–which is a key component to the next state budget== is hampered by splits within the majority Republican party.  One faction is led by Cape Girardeau Senator Jason Crowell, who charges the senate leadership puts pursuit of power ahead of service.

                                                AUDIO:: Crowell 

 Senate floor leader Tom Dempsey doesn’t appreciate that kind of talk..

                                           [AUDIO: Dempsey1

Crowell later referred to Speaker Tilley as “lazy,” a comment that brought an admonition from fellow Senator Brad Lager of Maryville..


Crowell is in the last few days of his senatorial career. He cannot seek another term. He wants the senate to remove from the next state budget two-million dollars for Southeast Missouri State University.  House speaker Steven Tilley put the money in although the school has not asked for it. 

The senate gave up, for now, trying to get the bill passed at 3-30 this morning.