February 7, 2016

House advances changes to teacher layoff criteria (AUDIO)

The House has given initial approval to a very stripped down bill dealing with teacher layoffs.

Representative Scott Dieckhaus (photo courtesy: Missouri House Communications)

Language dealing with teacher tenure was stripped out of the proposal. What remains is a change to what is often called “last in, first out.” The proposed new policy would require administrators to decide what teachers to cut based first on performance, as well as training and certification, but not on salaries or seniority.

Elementary and Secondary Education chairman, Republican Scott Dieckhaus (R-Washington), says the bill, HB 1526, was the result of a compromise within his caucus. “They had some concerns about some of the other provisions that were in the bill and I asked them, if we were able to work some of those provisions out between now and next session and work on those down the road but press on with the (last in, first out) issue, if they could be supportive. Clearly there was a large number of my colleagues that are supportive of that.”

The vote on the bill was close; 80-78 on perfection. To advance to the Senate it will have to get 82 votes on third reading. That vote will likely happen today.

AUDIO:  Representatives Scott Dieckhaus and Jason Holsman (D-Kansas City) discuss the bill, 13:03