February 11, 2016

Meet the Chiefs 2012 draft class (AUDIO)

Despite the Chiefs organization losing Phil Emery, the Director of College Recruiting who recently left to become the General Manager of the Chicago Bears, Scott Pioli was happy with the way they rallied the troops and put together the 2012 draft class which consisted of eight picks. Half of those picks were offensive and defensive lineman.

AUDIO (Pioli on the staff’s effort 3:15)

Round/overall, player, position

1 (11) Poe, Dontari NT
2 (44) Allen, Jeff OL
3 (74) Stephenson, Donald OL
4 (107) Wiley, Devon WR
5 (146) Menzie, DeQuan DB
6 (182) Gray, Cyrus RB
7 (218) Long, Jerome LB
7 (238) Hemingway, Junior WR