February 14, 2016

Rams’ Fisher says 1st round pick will make immediate impact (AUDIO)

It was one of many deals that were cut on the first day of the NFL draft as the St. Louis Rams traded down their #6 pick to the Dallas Cowboys who were set at #14. The Rams will make an attempt to bolster up their defensive line by selecting LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers.  Brockers is a big and athletic known for his run stopping ability. He’s 322 pounds and many insiders say he still has a long way to go in terms of rushing the passer, but he has the potential to get there.

AUDIO Jeff Fisher on Brockers (1:05)

Why did the Rams pick Brockers? The Rams run defense has been near the bottom of statistical categories for the last couple of seasons and the D-line has received a major overhaul. The Rams added Kendall Langford from Miami as well. A guy like Brockers can help give the Rams some inside pressure.