February 13, 2016

GOP lawmakers accused of rubber stamping corporate bills (AUDIO)

A liberal organization accuses legislative Republicans of backing legislation that is almost word-for-word approved by a conservative, corporate-sponsored national organization.

Progress Missouri charges the American Legislative Exchange Council has written eight of the bills before this legislative session and 30 in the last 13 years and lawmakers have introduced them with little or no changes.  Four of the bills are right to work. One is a voter photo ID bill. 

Executive Director Sean Nicholson says ALEC, as it’s called, is behind anti-worker legislation in the general assembly.

                                        AUDIO: Nicholson   :22

The organization lists 55 present or former legislators who are or were members of ALEC.

Senate floor leader Tom Dempsey says any special interest can asked lawmakers to carry bills the groups have written.   He is not listed as having ALEC connections.

                                       AUDIO: Dempsey   :28 

Issues associated with ALEC have had trouble this session–either delayed by opponents or vetoed by the governor.