February 7, 2016

Senator pushes proposed law he would be violating (AUDIO)

 A plan to keep motorcyclist from continuing to ride without proving they are competent cyclists is halfway through the legislature. It is being pushed by a state senator who would be violating the law if the bill makes it through the House and is signed by the governor. 

The problem is people who get a temporary motorcycle license that is good for six months and then renew it time after time without ever taking the test that proves to examiners they have the skills to operate their motorcycle safely.         

The senate has sent the House Senator Dan Brown’s proposal  allowing only two renewals of the temporary license.  If no skills test is taking during those 18 months, the rider has to take the written test all over again.

Current law also says temporary permit holders 16 and younger cannot have passengers on their cycles. Brown’s bill extends that restriction to temporary licensees of all ages.

Brown calls himself a “prime example of a person who’s abusing the system.”  He’s had a temporary permit for four years.  He says he’s not much of a motorcycle rider but he knows he should take the skills test. 

AUDIO: Senate debate