February 7, 2016

U.S. Attorney says Wilson case a ‘one time incident’ (AUDIO)

Former Governor Roger Wilson has pleaded guilty to misappropriating $5,000 to Missouri Democrats.

“I don’t think you can make more of this case than it is,” U.S. Attorney Rich Callahan says. “It’s a one time or at least one season incident and it’s pretty clear that the instigator was Chairman of the Board Douglas Morgan, but he ended up drawing Attorney Mr. Griesedieck as well as Attorney Roger Wilson into his scheme.”

Callahan is the former Cole Co. prosecutor. When asked if he recalls similar cases while serving in the Capitol City, he says there have been a couple of cases where people didn’t report where contributions came from, “…But you know, generally speaking, in recent years it seems that the United States Supreme Court, United States Congress and even the Missouri Legislature have been much more friendly about anonymous contributions. In fact, two years ao, in Senate Bill 844, the legislature made it when you conceal the source of a donation, a first time offense is not even a crime.”

He says in this case against Wilson and Griesedieck, it isn’t so much the concealment of the source of the donations as it is using $5,000 of a company’s money without the permission of the board of directors.

AUDIO: Jessica Machetta interviews Callahan (3:12)