February 6, 2016

Women’s advocates descend on Capitol to say ‘No’ to Rush

A Senate bill that would prevent employers from having to pay for contraception or sterilization continues to move through the legislature, and opponents are saying it’s an outrage to honor Rush Limbaugh while women’s rights are under attack.

About 200 citizens, lobbyists and Democratic legislators came together at the Capitol to deliver a strong message to House Speaker Steven Tilley and Governor Nixon. Michelle Trupiano with Planned Parenthood says this is one of a series of events in relation to the bills circulating the Missouri legislature, other states and Congress that advocates are increasing their pressure on Tilley and Nixon.

She says Tilley wanting to honor conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh in the Hall of Famous Missourians is the final straw.

Meanwhile, Senator John Lamping’s bill that would prevent employers from having to pay for insurance that covers contraception or sterilization for men and women has been perfected in the Senate … it needs a final vote before moving on to the House.

And she says that measure — if it passes — would hurt most the people who couldn’t afford out-of-pocket costs for reproductive health, as well as women in rural and under-served areas who don’t have easy access to healthcare.

“In response to Rush Limbaugh calling women who support birth control ‘sluts’ and ‘prostitutes’ … about 200 people delivered thousands of letters and petitions protesting the Speaker of the House’s decision to induct him into the Hall of Famous Missourians,” Planned Parenthood stated in a press release today.

“First, they attacked access to abortion care,” it says. “Then the MO Legislature attacked access to birth control. Now the Speaker of the House wants to put a statue in the Capitol honoring Rush Limbaugh. Enough is Enough! Supporters of women’s health from across the state will rally and lobby against these attacks on women.”