February 9, 2016

Senator Blunt says Twitter should be used in politics – carefully

While Senator Blunt didn’t openly criticize Congressmen Anthony Weiner’s use of Twitter, he did say he thinks there are different aspects of social media that should be on the minds of Americans.

Blunt says social media has an increasingly large role in politics as more people become comfortable enough with the medium to use it to contact their elected officials. He says his staff keeps him updated on the feedback he gets online through Facebook and Twitter.

Blunt says he’s no expert on what makes a good or Tweet, and says he’s in no position to judge how others use their social media pages – though he says he doesn’t think Weiner was using his official account for the pictures he’s in trouble for.

He says social media should be the topic of conversation, but not for things such as the “Anthony Weiner type-stories.” He pointed at the situation in Libia and Syria, where the governments are shutting down access to social media as a way of cutting lines of communication for their people.