February 14, 2016

Saving the family farm when there’s no family to farm (AUDIO)

Missouri has lost two million acres of farmland in the last 25 years, more than half of that in the last seven years.  The legislature is trying to slow or stop that loss.

Studies show Missouri’s farm population is aging.  The fear is that many of those longtime farmers will retire and they will have no one they can leave the land to, or no family member wanting to be on the farm.  End result: the land is developed and more agriculture land is lost.

State senator Dan Brown of Rolla hopes the legislature sets up the Missouri Farm land Trust.

which can accept or acquire farmland, hold it, and lease it to young farmers for as long as twenty years.  During that time, it’s hoped, the farmers will be successful enough that they can buy the land and keep farming it.

The House and Senate have some differences to work out before the bill becomes law. but they have time to reach an agreement before wrapping up the session tomorrow evening. .

 Listen to floor debate 14:01 mp3