February 6, 2016

Gov. Nixon signs SB 113, dog breeder revision bill (UPDATED)

Governor Nixon has signed Senate Bill 113, a revision of the dog breeder initiative approved by voters in November. The step by the governor is the first in a deal worked out with key legislative leaders. The Missouri House followed the governor’s action by approving HCS/SB 161, which contains compromise legislation worked out by the Nixon Administration with animal welfare organizations and agricultural groups. The measure has been quickly followed-up by the Senate which this afternoon took up the bill.

The compromise outlined by the State Agriculture Department would strengthen the language in SB 113, adding additional requirements for dog breeders. A separate piece of legislation would provide funding. The compromise being pushed by the Nixon Administration was reached with Kathy Warnick of the Humane Society of Missouri, Karen Strange of the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners, Bob Baker of the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, Barbara York of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association and Don Nikodim of Missouri Farmers Care. State Agriculture Director Jon Hagler signed off on the deal.

The House approved the bill108-42 and, then, approved an emergency clause 111-40. If the Senate approves the bill and the EC, the bill becomes effective immediately upon the signature of the governor.