February 14, 2016

Gary Pinkel’s Big 12 teleconference

This morning head coach Gary Pinkel talked about the players having the right attitude knowing that at some point every team is going to be faced with adversity. Its how that teams handles that adversity is the key and right now at 0-3 in the Big 12, the Missouri Tigers are in a must win situation.

After three straight losses to nationally ranked teams, the Tigers head into what was known earlier in the season as the softer part of their conference schedule, but now games such as this week’s visit to Colorado don’t seem like such a sure thing.

On the injury front, quarterback Blaine Gabbert will play, but will continue to be bothered by that sore ankle, but when you hear Pinkel talk about backup quarterbacks in the Big 12, you get the sense that Gabbert will be marched out there as long as he can walk. Obviously, even a Gabbert at 60%, 70%, whatever number you want to put on that, is better than Jimmy Costello at this point.

Also, linebacker Luke Lambert had a MRI on his separated shoulder and the team will know more this afternoon as to whether Lambert will be able to play this season or need surgery.

Highlights from Gary Pinkel’s conference call